3 Ideas for a 2 Bedroom Home [Includes Floor Plans]

3 Ideas for a 2 Bedroom Home [Includes Floor Plans]

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The size of a home can have a big impact on the design choices that make sense for that space. Even if two homeowners have similar sensibilities, their homes will take on very different styles if one is much larger than the other. The three homes featured in this post each have a two bedroom layout, but the overall square footage is much different, as are the aesthetics. However, looking at these three separate homes should be very inspirational and aspirational, since there is something for nearly everyone in spectrum of design elements on display here.

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  • Designer: House Design
The first home from the interior designers at House Design, with photography from Hey! Cheese. It is a bright and playful design with plenty of gorgeous pastel color, inspired by those delicate, delicious cookies: the French macaron. The home, which the designers refer to as “The Wonderland Apartment” is 86 square meters (925 square feet) and was designed for the vibrant and positive personality of the teacher that lives there. It is clear from the pretty pinks, pale blues, and playful elements such as animal-themed pillows and asymmetrical objects, that this space is for someone who celebrates life and whatever it throws at her. Despite the fairly small size, the apartment feels incredibly open and welcoming, surely a lovely place to entertain friends or spend a cozy evening in.

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  • Architect: Dervish Group
The second apartment is nearly the polar opposite of the first. It comes to us from the architects at the Dervish Group. Where the first apartment uses soft, feminine colors and a bit of mishmash for the furniture, the space is heavy on smooth wood finishes with black and white accents. The space is a 140 square meter (1506 square feet) home in Kiev, and was designed for a young couple. The central entertaining and living area includes a large media console that doubles as a storage space. In addition to the wood paneling, which is made from carefully selected walnut, natural materials used are stone, concrete, and glass. An oversized canopy bed in the master bedroom is gorgeous and simple, letting plenty of attention focus on the room’s views and a restful night.

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  • Designer: Donara Dolgopolskaya
The final home is even bigger than the second, coming from designer Donara Dolgopolskaya. Despite its bigger overall size, we can almost look at it as a marriage of the first two spaces in terms of its design. The space uses plenty of color, as the first apartment did, but those colors are chosen from the brighter, more pigmented end of the spectrum. From the mustard yellow chairs that flank the living room to the gorgeously rich jewel-toned duvet, the colors are perhaps a bit more grown up than macaron-pastels. Throughout the home, colors play with one another in contrast and complement while materials are kept simple: a (back)splash of exposed brick, a smooth and dark wood floor, a stunning but simple white marble bath. This home is luxurious and stylish, making the most of its two bedroom layout.

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