An Open Plan Brazilian House With Splendid Views

An Open Plan Brazilian House With Splendid Views

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Constructed in 2012 and measuring in at 1200 square meters, this property designed by Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados captures the unique sense of feeling infinite.The house was designed to evoke a feeling of continuous and permanent breadth.As the designer of both the architecture interiors, Marques brought a contemporary feel to this three-story structure, which is now the home to a young couple and their children.It measures in at three floors, with ample terraces throughout the top floor. The landscape surrounding the property is stunning and its positioned in a hill, giving a gorgeous view of the residential district on the fringe of São Paulo.On the inside, everything is broad and continuous, with a stunning open floor plan.The ground floor houses the most commonly used spaces, which include a living room, fireplace room, dining room, media room and breakfast room, the kitchen, and study. Theres also a cloakroom, guest toilet and servants’ quarters. Just outside the ground floor, youll find a large swimming pool on the front terrace.

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