Luxury SoCal Home Celebrates the Endless Summer

Luxury SoCal Home Celebrates the Endless Summer

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The desert expanse around Palm Springs, California is some of the most beautiful terrain in the state. Desert landscapes and sunrises give way to luxury homes that are miles from deprivation and dont breathe a hint of drought. This home in the Thunder Ridge neighborhood of Rancho Mirage is certainly no exception. Its mid-century style is matched only by its subtle opulence from the inside out.

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The round exterior, which offers 360 degree views of the surrounding property, sits on more than an acre of lush landscaping. The vibrant greens from carefully clipped shrubbery stand in contrast to the calm neutrals of the building materials.

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With 4 bedrooms and 5.25 baths, the house had been fully renovated while still staying to to its mid-century modern roots. The round exterior measure 90 feet in diameter with each angle offering unrestricted views of the outdoors. You would never know how deep into the desert you are with the landscaping and tall, swaying palms that surround the property.

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The outdoor area, as with so may California homes, is bent on creating a celebratory place for people to gather. Here, the house not only features an expansive patio, but its dining island in the middle of the pool is particularly luxurious. Guests can only arrive there by traversing a floating walkway.

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Throughout the interior, luxurious materials and subtle features give the renovation meaning. From recessed lighting and a revamped fireplace to truly modern and indulgent fixtures in the baths as well as the kitchen.

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A gourmet kitchen that looks out onto the outdoor entertainment area is also the stuff dream homes are made of. Just imagine a summer night where the scents of dinner waft out to waiting family and start instantly creating memories and fostering deeper, meaningful connections.

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Here’s a video fly through of the house:

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