A Suburban Kiev Apartment Design with Luxury in Mind

A Suburban Kiev Apartment Design with Luxury  in Mind

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This weekend home in the Kiev suburbs comes from the talented designers at Yo Dezeen. The appearance and feel of luxury was achieved for this particular family home without breaking the bank. The resulting space is a perfect retreat for a family of five that each has their own unique tastes but must figure out how to live - and relax - together.

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The house is far enough outside of the city that it gives a feeling of seclusion, even if the reality is that it is not so far away at all. The home is surrounded by dense forests and its quiet, muted interior is meant to be beautiful but also ultimately relaxing.

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Any design project comes with its own set of challenges. In this home, as in many, the desires of the parents and the needs of the children need to be able to peacefully co-exist. This is done here largely through the creative use of color. Though soft neutral tones wind through way through most of the home, it is the occasional sunny spark of yellow that brings a youthful vigor to the design.

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Family dining is an important part of a family spending time together and plenty of options are available in this house, including a large, modern dining table and a smaller more intimate place for mom and dad to enjoy a cup of tea.

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The calming aesthetic extends to the materials used in the house, which include elegant wood flooring and simple tiles, paneling, and pain on the walls. Plenty of vertical lines pervade the space, creating the illusion of even more height. From an exaggerated handrail on the modern spiral staircase to the bookshelves that extend all the way to the ceiling, the eye is drawn up, up, and up.

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Comfortable seating is an absolute must for any vacation home and this one is no exception. From expansive section sofas to soft, cozy beds and even upholstered window seats hidden behind gauzy curtains this home is clearly made for turning off the stresses of everyday life and tuning into relaxation.

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