3 Inspiring Homes With Concrete Ceilings and Wood Floors

3 Inspiring Homes With Concrete Ceilings and Wood Floors

Stylish concrete ceilings are not a weekend DIY contender but theyre well worth the effort! Once considered to be an unfinished feature, carefully crafted concrete ceilings have become a desirable element in many modern homes that truly embrace the warehouse-like atmosphere of industrial conversions. This post will introduce you to three homes that each feature bold concrete ceilings balanced by traditional wood floors – a workable compromise for anyone who isnt quite ready to jump into the world of minimalist lofts just yet. Do you already have these gorgeous materials in your interior? Just check out these ideas!

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  • Visualizer: Tanya Dorokhina
This spacious home makes good use of industrial accents contrasted against verdant plants and natural wood floors. Neutral furniture seems to blend seamlessly into the background, allowing the stunning architectural elements to take center stage. Neither the wood floors nor concrete ceiling seem to dominate the interior theme thanks to careful attention paid to balance.

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Bright plants serve as the primary ornamental feature used within this unified interior. Photos and decorations do add artistic appeal, but the plants stand out as the only verdant accent.

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Note the unusual combination of materials: a drama of contrasts begins with inexpensive concrete, organic wood, and expertly honed marble. These materials typically address dissimilar needs but here they exist in harmony.

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Clever backlighting makes shelves and sideboards stand out, but the spaces occupied by gorgeous plants catch the eye well enough that decorative illumination becomes unnecessary.

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A combination of modern downlights pair well with updated interpretations of the iconic PH-lamp above the dining table. White wires – routed sharply across the concrete ceiling – offer another nod to this home’s industrial roots. With all the love for material style in this photo, don’t miss those awesome wine shelves in the background of this shot!

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The dining room is perfectly split between soft classicism and modernist sensibilities. Iskos-Berlin’s stylish Under the Bell pendant light merges the two aesthetics seamlessly, with its gray felt shell and carefully scalloped edges.

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  • Designer: Privalov Design
  • Visualizer: Olga Podgornaja
Next, let’s take a look at a colorful and artistic space defined by rich materials and decorated with classically-inspired pop art. It still features the same concrete ceilings and wooden floors but feels so much different from the refined neatness and tidiness of the previous home. This is a playful space that really feels like home while still showcasing contemporary style trends.

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Geometric patterns create points of interest throughout the interior, from scored concrete ceilings to hexagonal floors and ornate tiles under the counter.

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In a visually-pleasing and economical move, the wooden floors exist mostly in transit areas with designer rugs warming up the social spaces. An expanse of white to the left and an asymmetrical entertainment system to the right emphasize the weighted importance of the living room.

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This bright golden chair is the iconic Contour design by Grant Featherston – a recognizable piece of furniture is always a great way to create a focal point within an open floor plan.

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Yellow and teal make for such an energizing color theme! It’s a little tropical, feels modern, and works so well to brighten the monochromatic palettes favored today. Finding the right compromise between too much and too little color can be difficult in a thematically diverse home like this one.

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More hexagons make a statement on the accent wall of this generously-mirrored dressing room. The navy blue drawers and storage units are quite the surprise, given the vibrant colors used throughout the rest of the home.

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Warm cove lighting reflects the golden-yellow hues of the decor theme and brightens the kitchen workspace niche. Note the enviable dark blue dressing room from the last photo at the end of the hallway.

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The portrait plates on the far wall in the background are from the Tema E Variazioni collection from the renowned artist Piero Fornasetti. He was obsessed by and created hundreds of images of the same opera singer, soprano Lina Cavalieri.

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Who would ever forget visiting a home like this one? To make sure the guests leave with a talking point for the ride home, this glossy black barn-style door makes a huge statement at the exit.

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  • Visualizer: Denis Svirid
Last – yet perhaps most distinctive of them all – a loft style home build within a ground level townhouse. This clash of cultures manifests itself through contrasting interior materials – and the surprising erasure of division between the highly modern interior and expansive lawns outdoors.

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This is a great angle to view the surprise and tension the windowed garden creates when viewed through a frame of the industrial lights, carefully routed wires, and industrial light fixtures.

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An indoor vertical garden continues the play of opposites. Precisely-carved stone tiles to the left seem to combine both design ideologies: the precision of urban architecture, and the sensible geometry of nature.

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Polished metal lighting and seating continues the industrial theme.

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But then luxury materials like marble take certain surfaces to a completely different level altogether. The kitchen is swathed in smooth white marble with lovely gray veining, a product of both modern life and traditional ideals.

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A hint of industrial influence punctuates the expanse of marble.

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Rugged brown curtains are certainly unexpected but surely help to warm the interior when they’re drawn shut at night.

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It seems like it would be hard to go wrong with steel, black wood panels, and exquisite slab marble – but this kitchen is exceptional even beyond its sophisticated composition.

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