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Penthouses are synonymous with luxury. But just because your your penthouse dream home may be a bit out of reach, doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some of the incredible design ideas into your own home for a luxurious feel. Take a look at these stunning penthouses and their meticulous designs to find ideas you could bring into your own space. Fair warning, you may drool a little in the process!

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  • Source: James Edition
This Manhattan penthouses boasts massive windows with sweeping views of the famous New York skyline. The designers have done a fantastic job not only focusing the furniture so it can take advantage of these views, but they’ve sectioned off the living space with a L shaped couch and a low bookshelf. A glass vase filled with fresh-cut flowers stands in beautiful contrast to the expanse of steel and concrete beyond.

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White doesn’t have to be boring! The sleek white floors make you wonder where they end, and where the silky smooth countertops begin making the space feel open and airy.

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What we love about this space is the shape of the rug, and how it mirrors the ceiling cut out above. You don’t need a dining room the size of a small tennis court to copy this great idea! Although, vaulted or higher ceilings may play better into this.

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Talk about a statement piece! This open, and white space calls for something to draw your eye back in, and away from those million dollar views. Use a bold colored statement piece like they did here to center a room in your home.

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Wood paneling doesn’t have to be a thing of the past! These sleek, warm wood panels are a modern twist on old-school luxury.

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This home office hands down has one of the best (and maybe most distracting) views. But these built in shelves with a built in table maximize the space. Consider a fold out table from a built in shelving unit for your own home office to save some space.

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Gray doesn’t have to be a cool color, and the designer of this penthouse suit knows all about that. The warm wood-tones play wonderfully off the warm grays in the rug, TV unit, and the chair, making this space clean and inviting.

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Pocket doors are a great way to keep a space open, but still get the privacy you need. The designer has done that here for this home office — leaving the pocket door open to let more of that amazing natural light into the room. But the door can then easily be pulled out for much needed privacy.

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This room is maximized to it’s full potential. The built in unit provides drawers, a TV stand and even a desk, leaving plenty of room for two large beds. Consider a wall unit in your space to maximize it.

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Penthouse views of the Manhattan skyline.

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  • Architect: S T Architects
This penthouse is packed with personality. Color, texture, and layers by S T Architects make this space diverse and luxurious. Play with these three elements to bring a sense of eloquence to your own space.

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This penthouse maximizes space, even though it probably doesn’t have to. And staircases are a great place to do it. Here, the designer has created a space to hang coats, but also a place to put your shoes. Get creative and innovative with your own staircase and see how you can maximize its utility.

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The bold wallpaper brings a sense of whimsy to this otherwise modern penthouse. The contrast of the rusty red and the green also compliment each other wonderfully.

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This space draws your eyes up with that white cylinder chandelier, the hanging black fixture, and the tall wood paneled walls. While this incredible penthouse already boasts high ceilings, you can use elements like these in your own space to give the illusion of more head space.

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The clean thin lines of this penthouse bookshelf are mirrored in this stunning chair. Tying in different elements of the room into one another subtly brings a unity to the space.

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This penthouse kitchen may be white, but it’s anything but stark. What we love about the space is how the wallpaper flows from the dining room into the kitchen, giving the two separate spaces a sense of continuity. The kitchen also heavily ties in greens from the dining room with the potted herbs and table accents. Tie your separate spaces together with color.

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You don’t have to be match-matchy. The rug in this penthouse kitchen is striped, and colored with peaches and maroon — a contrast to the greens in the rest of the space. But it really anchors the kitchen, and plays off the warm wooded island.

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Hanging shelves are a great way to save space, and display some of your most beautiful kitchen appliances and silverware.

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What this penthouse is so great at doing is making everything look opulent, even though it’s neutral. Whether it’s the sleek lines of the glass table, or the bronzed surface of the shelving unit, the surfaces and textures in this space (while neutral in color) feel innately luxurious.

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Persian rugs are all the rage right now, and this penthouse has taken this trend to new heights with this stunning faded blue rug. While the rest of the space has rather clean lines and neutral tones, the rugs robin egg color brings out the warm undertones of the bed and headboard and grounds the rest of the space. Use this as inspiration to bring a twist to the old Persian rug in your own home.

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Don’t you just want to cozy up on this massive bed with a cappuccino and the Sunday paper? This penthouse bedroom is warm, inviting, and luxurious — all elements you can incorporate into your own space. The tufted headboard is a familiar but given a twist with that warm leather. And that stunning painting is leaned up against the wall and styled perfectly with books and other home items.

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If we’ve learned anything from this space it’s all about surfaces. The wood, stone, and glass surfaces may be neutral, but their shine and texture compliment each other and bring a luxurious feel to the space.

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  • Architect: SOTA CO.
Playing on agains the warm tones of the herringbone wood floors, the velvet blue couches bring some cool tones into this otherwise golden and olive warm space.

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This penthouse suite is all about opulent layers. Whether it’s shiny surfaces like this coffee table, or that silky rug, the contrast is a luxurious design by SOTA CO.

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The herringbone floors of the living and dining room carry right into the penthouses kitchen, making the space feel open and unified.

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The mired wall in this penthouse foyer makes the space feel much larger than it really is, and extends the view into the space. Consider adding a massive mirror of your own to one of your rooms to make it feel bigger.

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This space screams luxury. From the skyline view, to the coffee table with a built in fireplace. And while you may not be able to recreate this view for you own patio, you can use the sleek monotone colors and surfaces of this space for your own luxurious inspiration.

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This penthouse bedroom adds a pop of color with that evergreen colored chez lounge. The rest of the room is this warm gray color with purple undertones, and the green really pulls that out. Consider adding a pop of contrasting color in your space to bring out new events of the colors you’ve already put in place.

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The continuity of the stone tiles on the floor, walls, and sink make this space feel wide open.

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  • Architect: SOTA CO.
This penthouse boasts a masculine feel with dark furniture and accent pieces thanks to the design of SOTA CO.

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The contrast of the clean lines of the chair and lamp against the curved fireplace are stunning.

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The gold and black chairs are super luxurious, and pop off of the marble table and white kitchen. The colors also tie into the beautifully marbled black stone behind the book case. Contrast makes perfect!

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The space is mostly black and white, with accents of gold. But the designers have added a bit of whimsy to the clean-lined space with a zebra throw rug — adding some character.

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The black and white penthouse bedroom is warmed up with a beautifully rusty colored brown chair in the corner, bringing a bit of organic chic into this masculine space. Don’t be afraid to throw in something a little different in your own bedroom to add some variation.

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The wood paneled walls bring out the warm tones in the gray bedding.

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Thes honeycomb stone tiles add texture and fun geometric pattern to this space. Consider different sharped tiles for your bathroom to add some variety and a sense of luxury.

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You may not be so lucky to bathe in front of such a view, but you can bring a bit of luxury into your own bathroom with wonderful mood lighting. This space has warm lights under the stairs to the bath, over the sinks, and right over the tub. Bringing in light to shine off of all those wonderful surfaces will reflect true opulence into your space — and make you feel like you’re in a penthouse all your own.

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Sweeping views of the Manhattan skyline from this penthouse.

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