Wine Storage At Home

Wine Storage At Home

Are you an oenophile? If youre as obsessed with wine as these homeowners, youll soak up every last detail of these wine storage solutions. Some designers have incorporated the wine storage into the living spaces and use them as room separators. Other designers have gone all out and made the wine bottles the center of a kitchen or entryway. From hiding your wine collection under your stairs, to placing your bottles in a cabinet that blends in with other appliances, these wine storage ideas are inspiring. Keep scrolling to see basement wine cellars which can be seen from upstairs through glass floors!

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  • Visualizer: Oleksii Karman
This natural wood wine storage wall is the highlight of the dining room. The same material is used with the cabinets in the kitchen to bring it all together. Spotlights make it front-and-center.

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  • Visualizer: E3A
This living room and kitchen floor plan is separated slightly by the white wine tower. Circular holes are cut all the way through and hold bottles perfectly. The design is also followed through above the kitchen cabinets.

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  • Designer: 081 Architects (Left) Teresa Sapey (Right)
A little bit different than the circular wine storage in the previous image, this wall doesn’t have holes cut all the way through it. Instead, rounded holes with backs hold more than one bottle of wine. The circles are in different shapes, allowing different sized bottles to be held.

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  • Visualizer: Andriy Voskolovich
The backs of steps don’t have to be bland. This wine storage solution illuminates the unique floating stairs while serving a purpose.

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  • Architect: Kevin Howard Architects
These wine bottles are stored alongside both sides of a wine cellar under steps in a loft-space. The exposed brick adds an industrial feel to the space and spotlights illuminate valuable bottles.

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  • Architect: Brandon Architects
The first thing you’ll notice when you walk into this entryway is the exquisite wine room. Glass and lights grab your attention to the stacks of bottles. The white sleek style of the stairs and design make the cellar even more dramatic.

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  • Via: Dwell
Under the steps in this home there are lots of hidden treasures. The dark gray cabinets look unassuming until you open them. There is a freezer drawer and above it a space for wine.

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  • Architect: PLASTE[R] LINA
  • Visualizer: Jan Wadim
Wine bottles are artfully stuck between the different spaces of this honeycomb design. The wall makes a statement and also serves a purpose. The colors tie in perfectly with the abstract painting.

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  • Visualizer: Le Anh
Instead of keeping their wine bottles in a cellar or allowing them to separate a space, these homeowners allow them to be the center of their dining room. The back wall highlights the bottles and creates a fun texture up the wall.

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  • Visualizer: Felipe Walter
An ultra modern space like this is made complete with the towering acrylic wine tower. The see-through material keeps the attention on the wine bottles, which appear to be floating. This accent keeps the room open, but divides up the dining space from the rest of the design.

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  • Visualizer: Sachin Mahajan
Similar to the image before it, this wine tower is made of a see-through material. The wall separates the dining and living space. The tall element bring the eye upward and draws attention to the art around the room.

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  • Visualizer: INT2 Architecture
Wine doesn’t always have to be on display. This fun storage solution keeps your bottles close by and organized. The wine storage is hidden beneath the bar and there are numbers below each bottle. Enclosed cabinets offer a neat and tidy space to hold wine decanters, corkscrews, and other essentials.

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  • Visualizer: Konstantin Kildinov
This built-in wine rack looks like it’s within an ornate frame. The different “frames” around it draw your attention to the middle. Having the bottles face bottom first also creates congruency.

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  • Visualizer: Alex Turner
Wine racks can be created by using all different types of materials. Your only limit is your imagination! This fun rack is made of PVC pipes. The light from the window creates a fun hue when it hits the different bottles.

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  • Via: Huy Nguyen
Instead of laying bottles of wine within a circular holder, this space has vertical shelves to hold them. The end result is wall art, which also serves a purpose!

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Don’t see a wine cellar? Look harder. The glass floor leads you to the underground wine cellar. The use of greenery hanging above it creates a fun play on shapes. The straight lines in this modern home are broken up by the organic nature of the greens hanging.

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  • Source: Spiral Cellars
This wine space is one of the coolest you’ll ever see! The rounded glass window built into the floor lifts to reveal a spiral staircase. The staircase leads you down into the owner’s personal wine cellar. The lighting of the cellar in a dark room makes it even more inspiring.

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  • Designer: Beckwith Interiors
This may be one of the craziest living rooms you’ll ever see! Below the refined formal space is a glass floor. The floor reveals a wine cellar. The cellar has acrylic shelves which hold the wine bottles. It really looks cool when it is black lit!

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  • Source: KBC Developments
A kitchen continues to flow into the hall space when the glass-like wine wall is added. Other elements, like the skylights and floor accent make it flow with the aesthetics of the space effortlessly.

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  • Via: New Atlas
This wine rack isn’t from a video game, but it looks like it could be in one! The squares have a giga-bite affect on the wall. Different bottles are placed in the square holes.

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  • Designer: Iron Design Company
The curved flaps of this white wall accent fit bottles of wine perfectly. The end result is a wall piece that looks like the bottles are rolling down the wall!

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  • Via: Turbosquid
It’s OK if you don’t have a lot of space to dedicate to your wine collection. Instead of redoing an entire wing of your home, purchase this Don Vino Winerack table. Holding just enough bottles for a starter collection, this table is fun and stylish.

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