2 Super Tiny Home Designs Under 30 Square Meters (Includes Floor Plans)

2 Super Tiny Home Designs Under 30 Square Meters (Includes Floor Plans)

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This beautiful pair of apartments may be on the smaller side, but their layouts are super smart! Each one clocks in at less than 40 square meters of floor space, yet they make the most of their compact layouts by striking the perfect balance between openness and functionality. And get ready to redefine your loft goals: both apartments feature lofted bedrooms and offices, clearing out plenty of space for other lifestyle necessities. If tall ceilings and lofted small apartments are your thing, keep scrolling.

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  • Designer: A Little Design
  • Photographer: Hey!Cheese
Located in Taipei, Taiwan, this apartment simplifies its interior to the most basic elements in order to stretch its 22 square meter layout. The ceilings reach 3.3 meters in height – somewhat low compared to other interiors with mezzanine levels but more than enough for this designer to work with. The resident (a frequent traveler) required ample storage for clothes and books along with wide-open space for exercise, which the designers accommodated without sacrificing any of the essential amenities of home.

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Furniture remains as simple as can be. Each piece scales to its specific niche without flaw, the tatami sofa tucked into the window alcove and the dining table matching the width of the alcove’s edge.

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Because of the resident’s frequent travel, the books don’t require constant access. The sliding ladder makes them easily available when needed with several shelves within easy access of the loft.

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Split construction gives the dining table more functionality for its footprint. This configuration maintains a streamlined form against the wall, appropriate for working on a laptop or sitting down to write a letter.

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The second configuration transforms the table into a formal dining space. Check out that wall lamp – it swivels to accommodate both arrangements.

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Compact stairs lead to the bedroom loft with kitchen and bathroom beneath. Note that the designer didn’t pass up a chance to integrate more storage space under the first few steps. Smart!

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From the bedroom, it’s easy to catch a glimpse of the neighboring apartment building or admire the living space below. A half-wall offers just enough privacy to help the resident feel secure.

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The ceilings aren’t especially high so the loft keeps furniture very low to the floor. Pillows make it easier to sit cross-legged at the desk for longer stretches of time.

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Limited in terms of vertical space and natural lighting, the kitchen makes the best of its circumstance with bright white surfaces and smooth concrete floors.

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Appliances take a conservative approach by remaining mostly below the countertops. The washer and dryer used to reside in the bathroom but once you see the bathroom’s fresh new style, you’ll see why the designer moved them.

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Open wood shelving allows for display of attractive coordinated utensils and tableware while deep cabinets hide everything else above and below.

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Guests and residents enter the apartment through the kitchen, the bathroom conveniently through the door to the right hand side. This sensible layout maximizes the amount of sunlight in a space that would be fairly dark otherwise.

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Occupying the space below the mezzanine level, the bathroom is surprisingly bright and spacious with plenty of natural sunlight throughout – with a large vanity mirror to maximize its effect.

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Simple tiles and simple fixtures allow the bathroom to feel open and comfortable, while at the same time, carefully curated decoration avoids an overly utilitarian aesthetic.

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  • Designer: Ani Yenokyan
With 28.5 square meters of floor space and with ceilings approaching almost 4 meters in height, the decision to build vertically definitely made sense for this chic modern apartment. But that’s not all! While the loft is definitely a cool feature for any smaller home, this space doubles or even triples its functionality thanks to transformable living spaces – the living room turns into a home theater, the office desk folds into the wall, and the kitchen completely disappears. The concept is so versatile you just have to see it to believe it.

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At first glance, the amazing transformable interior seems simple enough. Satin black walls and light-colored wood offer a streamlined aesthetic. Pale yellow sofas lighten the mood.

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Every portion of this semi-studio apartment serves multiple purposes. For example, by rotating the sofas and pushing them against the opposite wall the resident can enjoy a private home theater experience – no screen needed.

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Because the sofa splits into small lightweight segments, seating is exceptionally easy to move. The living room transforms into an art studio with very little effort.

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When the projector wall isn’t screening a film, it becomes a convenient place to complete or display large-scale artwork. And peek at the ceiling – each panel holds a finished work.

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A streamlined staircase/ladder leads up to the office and the bedroom. Rollers allow it to slide to either side so storage remains accessible at all times.

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Glass and wire shelves offer a little extra privacy for the sleeping area while serving up bedtime stories on demand. The folding bedside table to the right is such a neat idea!

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The entire office is transformable at will. Its primary purpose is an office, but the desk flips into the wall to allow expansive storage to rise from the floor. With all furniture retracted, it’s spacious enough to serve as a spare bedroom.

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Other surprising transformations include this expansive pull out wardrobe. Shoe racks, boxes, shelves, and hangers – it accomplishes so much for an addition most guests would never know was there.

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Now check out what hides behind the other cabinets! A fridge, dishwasher, cooking appliances, a pantry, and yes, even an entire countertop and sink complete with retractable dining table.

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It’s like a matryoshka doll of functionality. Every cabinet seems to reveal more layers of storage and functionality. It’s truly a complete kitchen, easily stored away beneath the office.

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Textural walls make it easier to erase the seams and gaps of cabinets. While the doors are closed, only the beautiful materials stand out.

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In many ways, the bathroom is the most conventional part of this apartment. It does hide the necessary toiletries effectively, but that’s expected. The bathroom is a casual retreat in a home full of surprises.

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