40 Stunningly Beautiful Statues Of Fairies And Angels For Your Home Garden

40 Stunningly Beautiful Statues Of Fairies And Angels For Your Home  Garden

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Christmas is coming, and that can only mean one thing – more fairies and angels in shops and stores. Yet fairies and angels don’t only live under your Christmas tree, on your mantelpiece or on your Christmas table – they also live outside. These 40 angel and fairy statues and figurines from across the globe can put the magic back on your table or garden. Perfect amongst the flowers or sitting pretty on your doorstep, their materials – from mock stone, to plaster, to coloured wood – are versatile enough for any budget. Kneeling, sitting, standing or even crying, their range of poses inspire the gentle giants in all of us.

Watch the video: Hand Carved White Marble Baby Angel statue for Garden or Yard Decoration (May 2022).


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