3 Living Spaces with Dark and Decadent Black Interiors

3 Living Spaces with Dark and Decadent Black Interiors

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Many home designs focus on the light and white – how to create the brightest, most serene space using Scandinavian and Nordic accents. Creating a more seductive mood is another story. These three apartments with black, Gothic interiors are dark, destructive, and sophisticated. Using shades of grey, charcoal and black, their walls are illuminated under iron ore panelling, and made magnificent by cabinetry in brass. Subtle overtones and undertones mesh together in spaces that are easy to live and to lurk in. Stencilled features and scintillating cobweb chandeliers meet distressed leather armchairs and high-ceilinged windows in these crafty and classy creations, designed for the darker side in life.

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  • Visualizer: Diff Studio
Located in the historical centre of Paris, this two-storied apartment was briefed with Classical architecture in mind. Using dark colours unusual in Parisian décor, a moody feel excels amidst elements of opulence. In the living room, Baxter cobweb chandeliers hang above Gothic wall panelling covered with black gloss. Marble Portoro rounds sit on luxurious grey-and-black shagpiles, while a luscious green panel greets new visitors.

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A brass David statue stands tall in the corner, matched by high French doors and iron ore bookshelves. Varnished wooden floors hold distressed leather Arketipo armchairs, illuminated by the chandeliers.

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On the other side of the armchairs, marble Portoro wows in the fireplace, a focal point. Telescopic lights in brass and dark gloss hang from stands which both complement and contrast the chandelier mirrored behind.

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High-ceilinged French doors take on prominence in black-shaded mirrors, adding sheen to the staircase. A view from above shows detail in the wooden floor panels and Gothic style gate, which peeps out from the French doors.

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Amber light shines through the staircase, revealing a kitchen to linger in. High brass cabinetry and amber light panels greet the eye with splendour, while a marble Portoro benchtop both exudes elegance and harks to the living room. A tongue painting pops to the side, almost licking up the marble, between stencil benchtop lighting and stools.

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  • Visualizer: AM Design Studio
A less moody approach is found in our second apartment, a little lighter in shade. Using black panels softened by greys and buttery yellows, its subtle sophistication lends more to the everyday. Wooden kitchen and floor panels frame a multitude of differing textures in an easy-to-live-in lounge.

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Standing further back, the secret to the living room’s charm is made more obvious. Personal, contrasting textures, such as the globe and distressed slingbacks, are matched by an alternate-panelled living room table and roughshod beige wallpaper. Barbed wire lighting stings in the kitchen.

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Matte-textured walls lead out of the living room to an entrance corridor striped in light. LED lights of different lengths shine through, wall to ceiling, wall to floor. Charcoal-hued cabinetry in the kitchen provides a clean surface to impact.

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  • Visualizer: Azovskiy Pahomova Architects
Light and dark can contrast without using monotones. This architecturally-envisaged space lets in light through black Venetian blinds, while black, mock-iron wall panels make their mark. An almost-golden couch area provides a softer touch, while its waffle-backing and vertical single light tie the themes together.

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Entering to a multitude of muted shades, a mid-grey wall draws the eye with a sophisticated stencil clock. A touch of life in a potted tree shakes hands with worn beige chairs, which line the entrance and guide visitors through.

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The second storey lengthens the space while adding its own touches. Glass railing leads to a wooden feature wall. Stringed ceiling fixtures carry on the lined theme, reflected momentarily in the break of the floor tiling.

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Light lines stream through in the bedroom space, simplistic in brown and white high-ceilinged walls. A fleur-de-lis Turkish rug ties the two together, while bursts of orange in the throw and cushion add a focal point to the room. Black hanging lights and desk features round out the feel.

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Rest and relaxation characterise the upper-floor rumpus room, muted in shades of grey. Holed bookshelves, a feature wall painting and wide windows tie together with a rug reminiscent of the main living room.

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Black elements hold fort in cushioned ottomans, functional desks, stencil shelving and screened technology. Breaking the feature wall piece with an outlined door frame, subtle grey shades are transferred a painting and wall over.

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Art lives in the second bedroom – one shade lighter. Abstract stencil art reminds of shelving in the lounge. A round standing lamp and LED cross light add functionality, while a wooden platform designates the space. A view from behind shows darker shades in secret, clothed in stripes and black fixtures.

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