Small Space Luxury: Three Modern Apartments Under 40 Square Metres That Ooze Class

Small Space Luxury: Three Modern Apartments Under 40 Square Metres That Ooze Class

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Many people view small apartments with apprehension, thinking that they wont have enough space to fully unleash their design aspirations. But small doesnt have to mean cramped or limited. Small apartments are especially ideal for young couples who are just starting out in the world. These are people who dont need a lot of space, but that doesnt mean that they dont need a space that reflects their own unique personalities and gives them a luxurious space to come home to after a difficult day of being young and energetic. To make our point, weve compiled a list of three apartments that prove that square metres dont matter.

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  • Architect: Maksym Netreba
The first small apartment on our list is located in the city of Kyiv in Ukraine. The apartment employs a monochromatic color scheme and modern furniture.

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The open plan living room uses a glass top table and wooden barstools to create a dining room, with classy pendant lights. Like the effect? Check out these Piper Pendants!

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The living area is separated from the rest of the apartment with a simple glass wall, that opens up space and exudes class. A single house plant lightens up the entire room and works with the modern floor reading lamp.

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When you have a small space to design, it can be so easy to overdo the white elements in an attempt to make the space seem bigger. Take a leaf out of this designer’s book and balance the white with warm wooden features.

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The kitchen is comprised of light grey stone, that looks geometric and classically understated. The effect is balanced out by tropical timber features.

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The room is whimsical and full of personality, thanks to a few key elements, such as the contemporary graphic and bright colored carpet.

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The bedroom is kept simple and cluttered, with a modest bedside table and modern light fixture.

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From this angle we can see the masterful use of wooden and white elements and just how well they work with the apartment.

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The bathroom is everything that it should be. Modern, sleek and absolutely luxurious. Everything that you would ever want in a bathroom.

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The monochromatic color scheme is highlighted by chrome fittings.

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  • Architect: Maksym Netreba
Here, we find some of the same elements that were employed in the previous apartment, but with its own classic spin.

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The chimney is transformed into a accent wall, thanks to the black patterns and luxurious reading chair. This looks like an ideal place to curl up with a good book and leave the world behind.

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The open space is effortlessly luxurious and timeless. With elements such as the large couch and thick drapes.

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A large modern lamp stands in the corner and lights up the entire room.

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Every apartment needs a study area, and although this one is small, it isn’t cramped. The subtle LED lighting negates the need for a harsh lamp, easing the strain on the eyes.

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The front hallway is traditional and classy, with the grey carpet breaking the clinicity and softening the room.

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An ingenious way to save space is to build a bed into the wall.

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A tropical accent wall spans the entire apartment and warms up the whole home. It softens the home and adds a level of liveliness.

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A black marble accent wall in between the kitchen cabinets adds a level of luxury to the room, contributing depth and dimension to the entire room.

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An adjustable bedside reading lamp is practical and sleek. Complementing the dark grey accent wall.

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A muted color scheme makes for a warm and cosy bedroom. It looks snug and comfortable, creating a warm haven from the world. The potted plant adding a refreshing splash to the room.

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The master bedroom is not only a wonderful haven, but also has a world-class entertainment center that renders the need to go outside useless.

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The view from the master bedroom has a world class urban view that takes the decor of the room to an entirely new level.

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A pink accent wall enlivens the second bedroom, while a world map adds dimension.

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The master bathroom is a masterpiece of dramatic contrast complemented with chrome fittings and his-and-hers amenities. A beige carpet warming up the entire aesthetic.

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  • Visualizer: O.M. Shumelda
The final home is a masterpiece of design and ergonomics. The main elements include plywood and concrete, as well as the innovative smart glass technology.

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The open living room has unique elements such as the mirrors and glass. The reflections look sophisticated and stylish, as well as completely modern and chic.

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The contemporary aesthetic is achieved by cement flooring and ultra-chic fireplace.

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The mounted T.V is showcased by a matte black accent wall, providing a clearer picture and white furniture, paired with the black wall is a great contrast.

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Plywood counters softens the other raw materials in the apartment. While exposed shelves are an interesting but timeless decorative choice.

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Natural light, lush houseplants and plywood comprise of the apartment’s organic features, providing a refreshing element to the room.

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Usually, when a room is almost entirely white- it’s harsh and abrasive. But this apartment offsets the white with cement floors and plywood walls, creating a beautifully spacious and clean room.

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A large mirror and hanging pendant lights are an engaging aspect to the room, while the rest of the room looks like a serene cloud.

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The bathroom is deftly designed, a tranquil room fitted with all the luxuries needed to pamper the homeowner.

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The raw cement wall is dynamic, a pleasant contrast to the pure white settings.

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