Dark Grey Home Decor With Warm LED Lighting

Dark Grey Home Decor With Warm LED Lighting

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After a hectic day of being out and about in the big bad world, it’s nice to have a cosy nest in which to hide away and snuggle up. Cosiness can be achieved through home decor in many different ways. Warming decor colours, sumptuous textures and luxurious furniture are just a few of them. Here, we have two shining examples of how warm LED lighting can make a dark grey home decor scheme appear welcoming and warm. The mood lighting gives each of the interiors a feeling of safe seclusion and warm hazy harmony. Crisp modern features and furniture give a simple minimalist vibe, adding to the feeling of uninterrupted relaxation.

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  • Visualizer: Z.Design architecture
The first warm ambient apartment tour begins in an open plan living room, where a lounge and kitchen-diner space is combined. A selection of recessed spotlights are situated around the perimeter of the open room but its the under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen that really sets the lighting scene. Sandwiched beneath a row of wall cabinets and above the kitchen countertop, the glow from the concealed strip of LEDs creates a large letterbox of light.

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A contemporary dining table light beams puddles of illumination over the eating surface, from an arrangement of long thin aluminium tubes.

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The minimalist kitchen has a cool dish-draining feature that is set back from the kitchen counter, existing as a separate entity that runs the entire length of the work area. Numerous dish and food draining options are situated along a frame, allowing the countertop to stay dry and free from water stains.

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LED lighting makes solid grey walls and kitchen units appear warm and glowing.

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Beyond the dining room and into the lounge, a little natural daylight diffuses through window blinds onto a tall indoor plant.

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Glazed walls surround a walk-in closet that doubles as a laundry room, thanks to a conveniently situated clothes washer and separate dryer.

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Each hanging rail is lit from above by an LED strip.

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The golden illumination makes the clothing garments look as though they are hanging inside an exclusive boutique. The stripes of bright light are practical as well as attractive too, as they allow clothing to be seen clearly for quick and easy selection.

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The transparent lightbox closet flanks a hallway, where a long uplighter subtly blends in with the length of the wall.

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In the bathroom we find the mirror above a vanity unit is backlit, emitting warm illumination from above and below the glass.

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Recessed spotlights light the rest of the grey and white space.

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Behind a screen lies a wet room area complete with a Japanese style soaking bath and a separate shower zone.

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Soft pools of light make this a relaxing space.

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A kids room adds a little fun Lego texture over grey decor.

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Orange has been added into the mix to make the palette more kid friendly. Two chunky knit bean bags in orange and white make a great place to read, hang out or game beneath a smallfloor reading lamp.

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Shared kids’ rooms often present a problem when it comes to deciding a layout for beds that doesn’t entirely eat up precious play and study space. In this layout, a cool bespoke bunk bed design has been built right into the end of the room. It incorporates a seat, kids’ night lights and more zesty orange.

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Bedroom pendant lights don’t have to be large flashy designs. This subtle design quietly does its job over the bedside whilst incorporating an interesting wire feature up one wall.

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  • Visualizer: Igor Sirotov
Our second dark grey home interior is warmly lit in the lounge area by a minimalist floor lamp.

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White flatware sings out on a dark table arrangement.

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Above the television the ceiling border drops golden light over the feature wall.

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The generous dining area is illuminated by a chic black dining pendant light with a shallow profile.

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A small amount of natural light weaves through voiles at a heavily curtained window.

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At the end of the dining room a glass fronted storage cupboard has been lit invitingly from within.

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The home entryway holds a huge backlit mirror and a side lit staircase, giving the hallway a nightclub vibe.

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The hard marble stair treads reflect the light, giving them a wet look.

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The golden perimeter of the bedroom shines like the first beam of sunshine on a horizon…

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…or the last stripe of sunlight at night.

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In the bathroom a circular vanity mirror is lit like an eclipse.

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The whole of the small bathroom is decorated in dark grey, including the floor, the vanity unit and an anthracite vertical radiator.

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The children’s room clears the grey air with a much lighter and brighter look. The walls are still grey, but this time in a softer pale putty hue. Many elements of furniture and accessories have been selected in a solid white colourway to lift the scheme, including a novelty rack, desk chair and a swing arm wall lamp.

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A small sofa provides a comfortable place to sit with friends.

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We find another stylish ergonomic chair at a study area in a second kid’s room, along with two bean bags creating a chill out space.

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This time we find purple and blue-green accent colours in a woven circular rug.

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The kids bed is tucked away from the play area.

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Like cracking open a treasure chest, shimmering golden light spills out over this bathroom.

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Bold monochrome tiling dominates the scheme.

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