An Apartment With A Complex Geometry

An Apartment With A Complex Geometry

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A home interior or an optical illusion? The complex geometry of this apartment’s inner walls makes it both. Partitions refracted at different angles and curvilinear volumes form a labyrinth of rooms within just 73 square metres of space. Located in Moscow, the unique interior was designed by Shkaf Architects in this way to visually expand the space whilst accommodating all of the required areas including two bathrooms, an office, plus a dedicated dressing room. The place has a minimalist decor scheme that is painted in only white and deep blue but the many sloping angles evoke a strong emotional response. The furniture and home accessories are positioned to bring harmonious balance to the asymmetrical composition.

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  • Photographer: Yuri Grishko
The kitchen diner and lounge are grouped as one whole open plan space. Inky blue paintwork brings attention to another, very separate room behind a multifaceted partition wall. The use of geometric shape gives the home its own energy, and the cuts enable the formation of a larger number of dedicated functional zones. A light fabric sofa in the lounge is set at an unusual angle, on the diagonal to a kitchen installation – though this helps give the unconventional room a strange sort of flow.

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The white and blue themed living room faces a partially dividing wall that conceals more secrets. The wall is sloped across the top to create extra interest and intrigue.

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A speaker is set into a bespoke waning console unit, which is wedge shaped to disappear toward the lower edge of the facing wall. Round end tables hold reading material in the living room.

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3D geometric shapes are grouped on the media console as decor.

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An ink blue area rug holds the elements of the lounge together; the hue complements a number of blue walls and the scatter cushions on the sofa.

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The leaves of a tall indoor plant behind the sofa introduce a flash of fresh green into the pared back scheme.

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A glimpse of the next area peeps around the side of the partition wall, drawing us in.

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One arm of the central kitchen island is used as a breakfast bar, accessorised with monochrome kitchen bar stools. The other arm of the L-shaped island is home to the stove, which is shielded from plain view behind a low partition.

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The half-height partition conceals kitchen mess from the rest of the open plan living room, and keeps the breakfast bar a more clean and relaxing area.

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The white breakfast bar overlaps the dark countertop used around the induction hob and over on the prep bench opposite.

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The kitchen sink and tap in the black and white kitchen are dark to blend with the work surface and backsplash.

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A white bedroom receives a couple of blue accents to continue the same colour story right through the interior. Blue scatter cushions decorate the white bedclothes and a blue media unit is wall mounted below the tv.

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A small plant dots a little greenery into the scheme from the bedside.

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The bedside unit is fashioned into the side of the floating effect platform bed, and is shaped to fit flush with the obscure angle of the headboard wall.

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The headboard wall is tailored to create multiple angles.

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In one of the bathrooms, the units and shower enclosure are all finished in blue.

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The second bathroom has a floating blue vanity unit against a repeat of the white a grey marble wall tiles. Two modern wall sconces shed light over the setup. An electric towel heater by the basin keeps hand towels dry.

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The open doorway by the sofa in the lounge reveals a raised area, a deep window seat into the double aspect.

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Around the corner we also find a set of padded seat cushions and a double swing arm wall lamp, which transforms the window seat into a cosy a reading nook.

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Directly behind the reading nook seat, you can find a home office with a bespoke blue desk.

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The hallway has a selection of white and blue walls and doors.

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Wood laminate floors visually warm the scheme. The planks are set on the diagonal to complement the complex geometry of the rest of the interior.

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Sections of the wood laminate floor are cut away to make way for a blue finish – cut on the diagonal of course.

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Optical illusion artwork decorates the home entryway. A wall mounted console unit provides a vanity area and drop off point by the door. A vertical strip light illuminates the corner and mirror edge.

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The dedicated home office is like a hall of mirrors.

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A single triangular seat is reflected in two facing mirrors to appear as an entire square set.

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This may appear as a double workspace but it is in fact a single desk that has been angled into a mirror. This mirror forms the opposite side of the living room speaker wall.

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A white desk chair looks over the reading nook and to the window. The wall lamp over the reading nook doubles as extra desk light.

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