4 Grey Decor Schemes With A Softer Side

4 Grey Decor Schemes With A Softer Side

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Previously we explored weighty grey masculine interiors, so this time we’re looking at some grey decor schemes that explore a somewhat softer side. Each of these four modern homes explore a minimalist aesthetic, with what some might describe as a feminine touch. Strong lines and sleek styling evoke the image of young professional homeowners, carving out a path to the top of their game. The layouts are well planned and the spaces organised with practical and bespoke storage solutions. We see a few colourful accents thrown into the mix as we move further into our collection; rose pink framework brightens one apartment, whilst sage green evokes a peaceful energy in the next.

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  • Visualizer: Z. Design
Dropping into the modern living room of home number one, we find an atmospheric lighting scheme that adds cosiness to a light grey backdrop. Filled bookshelves bring personality to the room.

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A projector screen draws down in front of the tv, so that movies can be viewed on the big screen from the comfort of a low profile sectional sofa.

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An indoor plant brings greenery to the room, in front of a white slatted screen that obscures the view of the bedroom.

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The modern sofa has been placed centrally in the room, with seating volumes facing in two directions. Wide armrests can be used as comfy benches too, making the sofa useable around four different aspects. Two small side tables provide storage spots for current reading material.

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Light laminate floors keep the space looking clean and airy.

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A minimalist dining room runs off the lounge area, leading through to a modern kitchen.

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An L-shaped kitchen installation runs around the dining set.

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The grey entry hall looks shadowy and dramatic.

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The tv wall acts as a room divider between the hall and the living room.

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Inside the bedroom, smooth fronted closets blend with the walls to keep the room looking spacious. A bedroom chair with a bright red seat cushion, and a floor reading lamp make an inviting spot to sit.

  • 12 |
A second bedroom chair by the window makes this a sociable place for morning coffee and conversation.

  • 14 |
Two large pendant lights illuminate the dining area behind the sofa.

  • 16 |
Reading light is provided at the sofa by a unique floor lamp with an exaggerated shade.

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The modern staircase design has solid white balustrades to hide the treads from a sideways viewpoint. The white sides contrast against warm wood panelling on the wall of the stairwell and hall. A bed of pebbles lies beneath the risers, where three indoor plants flourish. A large frameless mirror helps to bounce natural light from the window deeper into the room.

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Wall mounted base units match the white finish of the island, whilst an installation of tall wooden units and a wood effect cooker hood provide good contrast. Grey tiles cover the backsplash all the way up to the ceiling.

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A bespoke platform bed has storage drawers built in underneath. A dramatic bedroom pendant light provides a focal point in the simply styled sleeping area.

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Another sculptural chandelier appears in the second bedroom. A contemporary fireplace burns brightly here too.

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Opposite the foot of the bed, a media unit and vanity shelf are wall mounted in an overlapping design.

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A concrete bathroom scheme is warmed through with wood panels and recessed perimeter lighting.

  • 26 |
A designer heated towel rail brings a pop of strong colour to the room.

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  • Visualizer: Innoi Design
Number three on our journey is a small 70 square metre apartment in Kiev, Ukraine. The redesign was created for a young female homeowner. It features a simple and tasteful minimalist style, with just a touch of uplifting rose pink. More living rooms with large wall art here.

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Mirrored kitchen base cabinets reflect the living room sofas. Tall grey cabinets balance out the other side.

  • 29 |
Pink coated metal framework trims the walls.

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The open plan living room includes the bedroom too. Darker grey walls mark the change of purpose.

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Colourful bathroom furniture pops against a shadowy grey backdrop.

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A green area rug provides a block of colour beneath a two-tone grey modular sofa. Wall art and a side table bring in other natural tones.

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Texture adds interest to a peaceful green, white and brown bedroom scheme.

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Another platform bed furnishes a second bedroom, which has a home office area. The swivel chair brings a single hint of green to the design.

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Beige wall panels cover most of the second bedroom, which warms the look.

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Fitted closets and shoe storage keep belongings tidy.

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A modern green toilet and basin colour a white bathroom. Grey metal doors bring in an industrial vibe.

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