Bohemian Style Home Decor: Accessories, Images And Tips To Help You Decorate

Bohemian Style Home Decor: Accessories, Images And Tips To Help You Decorate

Bohemian style home decor has such a cool laid back vibe. At first glance the look seems to have an anything goes kinda feel. However, if you’ve ever tried just throwing random bits and pieces into a room, you will know that it’s not quite that simple to achieve a chilled earthy eclectic aesthetic. To help you get into your boho groove, we’ve pulled together this trio of Bohemian style home interiors that are filled with all of the types of accessories that will set the right tone. We also take a look at how to layer up elements to dress modern sofas and cosy beds, plus how to arrange beautiful gallery walls and interesting shelf displays.

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  • Visualizer: Puzzle Studio
Our first bohemian style home interior has a beautiful colour base of pink and coral, interspersed with wooden wall decor and wood grain accent furniture. A good dose of rattan elements make an appearance too, alongside a peppering of indoor plants.

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The wooden wall art is hung alongside a butterfly print. The two pieces of art share an affinity in shape, with the wooden piece featuring strips placed in an abstract butterfly arrangement. The display provides an attractive backdrop behind an L-shaped pastel pink sofa in the lounge area, which is dressed with a comfy collection of mismatched bohemian cushions.

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A rattan coffee table looks light and airy in the centre of the lounge, on top of a tasselled area rug. A wooden media unit supports a little display of personal belongings beneath the tv, which gives the room a homey feel – a display like this can be tricky to achieve without simply cluttering the space. Here, a few favourite books stand tall at one end, with a framed print and decorative letter balancing out the height at the other side; a landscape frame bridges the middle of the shelf display, with only a few smaller elements creating layering at the front.

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A cane swing chair is suspended in front of the window in the bedroom, made inviting with the addition of a warm throw and a soft cushion.

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The bed is a deeply layered affair, which can be achieved by placing a casually crumpled throw across a pastel duvet cover, and a plethora of patterned scatter cushions. Limit to cushion fabrics to the palette of the room to achieve a cohesive look.

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Note how the statement vanity mirror complements the stunning tile pattern inside the shower cubicle.

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  • Photographer: Eugene Deshko
Boho home number two is a wide open airy space, with a grey and white base.

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Colourful cushions bring new hues to a neutral sofa. The chosen accent shade is emphasised with matching candle holders/decorative vases and beautiful rug.

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Whitewashed wooden ceiling beams span this room, which makes the large space feel cosier beneath its containment. Natural wood nesting coffee tables have tabletops cut straight from the tree trunk.

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Rope shelves and rattan baskets tie in with the natural vibe.

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Vibrant cushions dress pieces of grey sectional sofa in the kitchen, which sit at a small wooden table by the window.

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The formal dining area is furnished with a wooden dining set.

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A low hanging rattan pendant shade helps visually anchor the dining area to its spot in the spacious open plan. The hems of grey window drapes casually gather at the wooden floor.

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Rustic charm is bestowed upon a simple pale wood and white kitchen with a brick feature wall.

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The same whitewashed brick effect features on the chimney breast in the lounge to provide continuity. Typographic ornaments spell out ‘dream’, ‘smile’ and ‘relax’ down one side of the fireplace, whilst perfect lines of baskets, vases and greenery create controlled interest on the other side.

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A wooden fruit bowl makes a quiet centrepiece on the wooden dining table.

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Rattan baskets on open shelves warm the look of the pale kitchen design.

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A small rag rug adds cheerful colour to the floor.

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The bedroom is a rather minimalist affair to aid relaxation.

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Made to measure cabinets form a smooth closet and dressing table ensemble.

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A matching unit sits opposite the foot of the bed.

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The wood desk chair is the same design as the dining chairs – making it easy to seat one person extra at dinner.

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Rattan storage baskets organise bits and bobs.

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Living greenery brings in fresh colour.

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Wood and grey bathroom decor creates a clean look.

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Flowerheads disguise a reed diffuser.

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  • Visualizer: Alexandra Macevich
Lastly, pink green furniture lift the look of a natural brown and grey living room.

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The pink and green interior design is eye-catching, though there is a softness to it too, thanks to fuzzy fabrics and smoothed off edges. A pretty area rug, a large traditional gold-framed decorative wall mirror and an abundance of mature indoor plants bring in the bohemian feel.

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The lounge falls into the background of a modern kitchen diner.

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Flourishing indoor plants are dotted around the culinary space. The greenery works well with blue kitchen diner accessories and a royal blue accent chair.

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Gold stemmed bedroom pendant lights dangle at different lengths, against gorgeous green wallpaper with a leaf motif.

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A plush green ottoman and headboard exaggerate the green bedroom decor theme.

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A gold tray table serves the bedside.

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Bold blue and white geo pattern tiles make a statement in the bathroom.

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A gold faucet shines against the striking backdrop.

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