4 Apartments That Turn Up The Dial On Industrial Style

4 Apartments That Turn Up The Dial On Industrial Style

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Industrial chic interior design doesnt have to be stark and grey. The industrial vibe can be warm and rich - whether that comes via glowy lighting schemes, chic home accessories or unique decor touches that’s up to you. We’ve gathered together four apartment designs that turn up the dial on industrial style, each pushing a different envelope in how to make a house into a home. You’ll also find inspiration for how to introduce art into an industrial home interior and some smart layouts for living spaces on different sized scales. Find stylish cosy furniture to counteract cool concrete walls and fabulous ideas for lighting installations.

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Striking artwork colours a raw concrete wall. A patterned rug adds movement to the floor area beneath a sleek black chaise lounge chair.

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A ceiling mounted fireplace descends in the centre of the open plan space, between the lounge and a kitchen diner. You can find more gorgeous fireplaces here.

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Black kitchen units have been teamed with a wraparound concrete kitchen island counter, which matches the polished concrete floor.

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A Seletti Monkey Lamp swings by the window, over a distressed teal storage chest. The novelty lamp is reflected in the glass of a huge gilt framed mirror propped casually in the corner.

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Inside the master bedroom there is a home office area with a computer desk and bookshelves. A metal fence-like detail runs along the top of the desk and along the top of the adjacent headboard. Find moreindustrial bedrooms here.

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The bathroom contains more examples of wirework decor, as a feature wall behind the vanity mirror and as cupboard doors above the toilet. The metal fencing effect and concrete walls provide all that is needed to nail an industrial bathroom look; the rest of the decor is beautiful natural wood and slick modern fittings.

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An open shelving unit provides ample storage for towels and toiletries.

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Soft perimeter lighting makes the industrial styled shower enclosure appear warm and inviting.

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Floor plan illustrating the strategic positioning of the ceiling mounted fireplace to warm both the lounge and kitchen diner.

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Plan of the bedroom mezzanine level.

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  • Visualizer: Dasha Makushova
Next up, we have a studio apartment with a glass wall bedroom design. The glass only just slots between the foot of the bed and the arm of the living room sofa.

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The grey sofa looks upon a console TV stand, which somewhat separates the lounge from the dining area.

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A wine cooler glows in amongst black kitchen cabinets. The dark units contrast boldly with a light wood effect floor.

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Grey concrete and black tinted walls make up the textured decor in the bedroom. An upholstered bed provides some softer edges.

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A walk-in closet is positioned behind the headboard wall in the bedroom. Spotlights and strip lights provide illumination.

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A swing arm wall lamp has been positioned right by an extraordinary wall treatment. A herringbone arrangement of wood planks creates a zigzagged edge up the full height of the room. The unique decor feature continues all the way over the floor too.

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At the edge of the geometric cut floor design, two swivel bar stools are seated at a kitchen island.

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One end of the kitchen island is cradled by iron bars that extend to the ceiling.

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Behind the central island, grey wood grain cabinets make up the rest of the kitchen.

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Storage units at the edge of the room are chamfered into angular shapes to tie in with the geometric theme.

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Herringbone tile patterns the bathroom floor and clads its walls. A black double sink bathroom vanity draws on the dark shades in the ceramic.

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Light wood vanity cupboards and an unusual wooden shower enclosure lighten up the bathroom decor scheme.

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The geometric cut wall cladding makes a return as part of the bedroom decor. Slender bedside table lamps shine on top of wire frames.

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The softness of the upholstered bed counteracts a rough brickwork feature wall.

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  • Visualizer: Belogurova Dorofeeva
Finally, our last industrial style home is a cosy pad with a definite ‘rev-head’ flavour.

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Motor vehicle spares, licence plates and motorcycle art decorate the walls.

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Tan and blue sections colour the living room. A distressed fireplace screen appears to crack open in front of an open flame.

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Above the unusual fireplace there is a simple shelf to hold media items under a wall mounted tv.

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A black glass coffee table reflects light from the window.

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The kitchen area doubles as a dining room.

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Wooden kitchen countertops match the sides of the dining platform.

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A textured feature wall backs the one wall kitchen.

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