Circle Themed Small Apartment In Beautiful Blue Bronze Decor

Circle Themed Small Apartment In Beautiful Blue  Bronze Decor

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Pastel blue, teal and bronze tones bedeck this 94.6 square metre apartment in Zakharova, Minsk, Belarus, designed and visualised by Zrobym Architects. The shades, from each side of the spectrum come together to make a welcoming warm palette with a peaceful quality. There is a circular theme running throughout the home interior too. Wall art and nesting coffee tables have a circle aesthetic, along with large round wall mirrors, orb pendant lights, flush fitting ceiling lights, semi circular wall shelves and curvaceous dining chairs. Sliding glass doors keep the small rooms feeling open and airy, and concealed storage volumes keep them tidy.

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A modern chandelier is the living rooms crowning glory, challenged only by a very beautiful powder blue modern sofa. A blue area rug pulls the peaceful pastel shade farther into the room. Minimalist wall art has a circular subject which matches the orb shades on the pendant light; black wall sconces extend from round mount plates to extend the circle theme.

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Round nesting coffee tables bring a monochrome moment to the centre of the living room rug. A modern glass display cabinet has been set in underneath a soffit; it holds a small collection of books and treasured items.

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A small flat screen tv rests on a floorstanding media unit with ribbed doors. A column of white cupboards are wall mounted to one side. The tv wall is patterned with a tile design that runs the length of the room and along the adjoined hallway.

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As the lounge morphs into the main hallway, there is a concealed storage area in the wall. Three cube seats nestle in the gap beneath the simple slab front doors. A stormy grey entry door stands out against the pale wall. Round lights sit flush with the ceiling. At the opposite end of the hallway, two very secret doors are concealed in the wall, which hide away another storage volume.

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There is a huge round mirror in the hallway, which brings the circular theme through from the lounge.

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Sliding glass doors behind the sofa lead to a separate small kitchen, which has a neat dining area. The space in here is divided almost exactly half and half between food prep and eating. Semi circular wall shelves climb the plain side of the room.

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A row of orb dining room pendant lights glow above the round table. Four copper colour curvaceous dining chairs encircle its chunky base.

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The small kitchen is well equipped with cabinets. Three rows of wall cabinets travel one wall of the L-shape, and full height units take up the other side. Round chopping boards rest on the countertop.

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Despite the small size of the home, there is a comfortable home office and dressing room combo attached to the master bedroom. The sewing machine tells us that this is the perfect setup for a homeowner involved in fashion and clothes making. Glass closet doors keep the whole collection on display to inspire. Matching shoe boxes huddle around the base of the L-shaped installation. Shelves above the desk hold a neat store of office supplies and baskets of sewing items.

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A light bedroom scheme contains a floor bed design with a chevron fabric headboard. The bed is dressed with two tones of teal throw to create a layered look. A round black modern wall sconce looks like an eclipse over one small side table, a pendant light illuminates the other. See more ideas for bedroom pendant lights here.

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Bronze colour seat cushions softly pad a window seat, which is warmed by a modern vertical radiator. A natural rug softens the wood laminate floor.

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White panels clad the bedroom tv wall. A semi circular wall shelf, which matches those used in the kitchen, is mounted by the tv to hold an electronic tablet.

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The bathroom is clad in pale granite slabs. A monochrome vanity unit transitions from a black basin top through shades of grey over the storage volume below. A round vanity mirror is illuminated around the edges. A black wall hung toilet matches the dark basin, as do black bathroom accessories, fixtures and fittings.

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A smiley face greets us inside this minimalist child’s bedroom. The two kids’ beds in here have been positioned centrally along the walls to make way for a double study area. Copper light shades bring a warm hue to the predominantly white room decor.

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A white and teal geometric rug spans the gap between the twin beds. A planet themed wall mural replaces the smiley face on the other side of the room; round wall sconces blend in with the planets and moons.

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Copper colour tiles cover the shower wall in the ensuite master bathroom, where a little red stool holds toiletries close to hand. A black heated towel rail, basin and shower head bring in the base notes.

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The same tiles clad the tub in the main family bathroom too. A sky blue basin and shelf brighten a freestanding vanity design.

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Black wall sconces and an elliptical mirror complete the wash zone.

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The floor plan clarifies the position of the ensuite shower room in relation to the master bedroom, and the attached dressing room/home office. We can also view the central position of the main family bathroom, which is easily accessible from the lounge, home entryway, and across the hall from the kids’ bedroom. The surprising size of the extra storage closet next to the entry door is also revealed.

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