Beautiful Interiors That Combine An Old Warsaw Mood With Contemporary Style

Beautiful Interiors That Combine An Old Warsaw Mood With Contemporary Style

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These two beautiful interiors combine an old warsaw mood with crisp and contemporary styling. Retro silhouettes and traditional wood grain pieces furnish the homes, but it is a modern feel that overrules in each. The interiors seem to straddle the divide between classic comfy and contemporary chic. Each home design is fashioned against a light backdrop, but with a real focus on texture and material. Colour is used sparingly in both of these two homes, yet the spaces do not appear desaturated or plain. We also get to see the designers’ visual summaries at the end of each of these tours, which show key elements in how to achieve the look.

  • 1 |
  • Designer: Katarina Rulinskaya
Two Formakami JH pendants hang low over a brown sofa in the living room of home design number one; the shades look sculptural in a silhouette that nods to both retro and modern aesthetics. A decorative wall mirror behind the sofa has an elliptical outline and a slightly tinted finish, which gives it a warmer appearance than shiny silver glass. A little table lamp on a low shelf adds to the cosy ambiance.

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A modern fireplace flickers at the end of a long dining table. A comfy accent chair sits by the fireside, beneath a black arc lamp with a simple yet striking orb shade. More stylish floor lamps here.

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The dining table has a beautiful combination of modern concrete and traditional rustic wood grain. The supporting column of the wooden volume appears to pierce the concrete slab. Four modern dining chairs line up along the sides, with a more classic looking wooden example in pride of place at the head of the table. The table is lit by a dining room pendant light that extends out from an adjacent wall.

  • 7 |
A concrete planter tops a wooden plant stand in the corner.

  • 8 |
A modern wall sconce is mounted by an arched mirror. The mirror glass touches against the tile floor, which gives the optical illusion that the arch is in fact an architectural feature that leads through to another space.

  • 9 |
The kitchen has a unique minimalist aesthetic. A single row of shallow cabinets float above ground, and overlap full height window. Kitchen shelves are recessed into the walls to hold crockery and tableware on display.

  • 10 |
A retro bedstead rests in the master bedroom. A black swing arm wall lamp provides reading light over the pillows.

  • 11 |
A cushioned accent chair sits in front of a modern bookcase design that features an on trend slatted panel door. A bright floor lamp completes the reading nook.

  • 12 |
The double sink bathroom vanity unit follows the exact same wood slat panelling as the run of minimalist kitchen cabinets. Gold wall mounted faucets fill black vessel basins.

  • 13 |
A pleasing pebble shape defines the vanity mirror, which floats against a subtle watercolour fish themed backdrop.

  • 14 |
Privacy curtains draw across a toilet and bidet nook inside the bathroom.

  • 15 |
The same style wood chair that made head of the table in the dining room has been utilised as a toiletries shelf here by the shower enclosure.

  • 16 |
Design composition for the living room.

  • 17 |
Design composition for the kitchen.

  • 18 |
Design composition for the bedroom.

  • 19 |
Design composition for the fireplace.

  • 21 |
A white marble coffee table gains an unusual look from a corrugated edge. A pair of wooden stools can be used as small side tables.

  • 22 |
Retro style sneaks in behind the sofa in the form of a wooden sideboard. A black Atollo lamp dresses the surface. Cheaper replicas are available on Ebay.

  • 23 |
A white marble fireplace surround matches with the marble coffee table.

  • 24 |
An organic shaped dining table stands between the lounge and a separate kitchen.

  • 25 |
The wood table is teamed with five modern black dining chairs. A white marbled vase decorates the tabletop. Stunning wood panels floor the room, giving the place a refined classic vibe.

  • 26 |
An art sculpture dresses a marble topped buffet table.

  • 27 |
White marble abounds inside a blue kitchen design too. Glass walls look out into the living room and let in borrowed light.

  • 28 |
The windows in the other side of the kitchen look directly into the neighbouring bathroom.

  • 29 |
Perforated doors with rose gold handles line a generous dressing room. An accessories cabinet and an upholstered green bench seat divide the space into two halves.

  • 30 |
A tree mural climbs behind a luxurious bath and tinted glass shower enclosure.

  • 31 |
Cabinets have been wall mounted to hold fresh towels and toiletries.

  • 32 |
A unique double sink vanity unit stretches across the opposite wall, in a black and gold finish that matches the bath and bath faucets.

  • 33 |
Ribbed double doors lead into the dressing room.

  • 35 |
A stretched blue headboard runs against a wall stripe of the same colour. Grey linen look wallpaper covers the wall’s upper half.

  • 37 |
Blue ribbed doors lead through to a powder room.

  • 39 |
Design summary.

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