White And Yellow Interior Design: Tips With Images To Get It Right

White And Yellow Interior Design: Tips With Images To Get It Right

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This collection of three home tours feature fresh white and yellow interior design ideas that are sure to inspire you to put together your own little piece of sunshine. Each room inside these energised apartments are glowing with a different take on the white and yellow decor theme, from colour block kitchens and dining areas, to bright bedrooms and yellow reading nooks. There are a trio of white and yellow bathrooms to choose from, plus yellow furniture designs, and a bespoke white and yellow studio space. We’ve thrown in a bright bunch of yellow decorating tips along the way too, to help you nail the trend.

  • 1 |
  • Architect: Lookofsky Architecture
Our first white and yellow interior is a the result of 1920s apartment transformation. The original layout was opened up to provide an optimised living space for a young couple in Stockholm. The remodel focussed around three functional walls, the first one being this 7 metre long kitchen wall that is broken into clusters of separate components, each in their own articulated frame.

  • 2 |
A column with integrated oven separates the kitchen prep countertop niche from a cosy yellow reading nook. Recessed shelves hold reading material close by plump yellow cushions. A wooden small side table is on hand to hold a coffee mug, and a yellow floor lamp provides focussed reading light. See more floor reading lamps here.

  • 3 |
Everything inside the nook is completely yellow, from the retaining cube, seat cover and scatter cushions, to the shelves and a soft throw. The solidity of the combined yellow pieces gives the volume impact within surrounding white elements.

  • 4 |
The one wall kitchen with island has a hidden cooker hood to keep the look streamlined – allowing the prep area to remain an uninterrupted cuboid of yellow. The kitchen island does not feature a hob or sink because it is a moveable volume, enabled by castors at its base.

  • 5 |
A yellow kitchen bar stool matches the solid yellow kitchen island. A yellow kitchen pendant light completes the colour coordinated grouping.

  • 6 |
This multifunctional room was previously two smaller rooms, but now the playful composition of the kitchen wall becomes a stage for daily social interaction.

  • 7 |
A wall mounted stainless steel kitchen faucet protrudes from a primary yellow backsplash. Yellow dishes fill a stainless steel worktop with integrated sink.

  • 10 |
Yellow elements emulate a summer sunrise inside the white master bedroom. The second of the main function walls that was designed for the home remodel was this space saving white storage wall in the bedroom.

  • 11 |
Warm yellow hallway decor emits a welcoming glow.

  • 12 |
The third and last specially designed function wall is this bespoke yellow storage wall in bathroom.

  • 13 |
Shelves are built into the opposite side of the column between the toilet and vanity area.

  • 14 |
A raw grey concrete bathroom basin provides rugged contrast against the bright yellow storage units.

  • 15 |
Floor plan showing the practical use of space, and position of three bespoke function walls.

  • 16 |
Design of function walls, plus repositionable kitchen island.

  • 17 |
  • Architect: Corpo Atelier
Home tour number two is a white and yellow studio apartment.

  • 18 |
A central yellow storage unit is a multifunctional volume that is utilised as a desk from the living room side, and as a headboard at the other.

  • 19 |
Three white marble steps lead up to the bedroom platform.

  • 20 |
A rattan rocking chair basks in the sun from floor to ceiling windows, its mellow colour complementing the home’s yellow theme.

  • 21 |
Yellow panelling crosses the top of a doorway.

  • 22 |
In the empty apartment, we can see how the decor scheme revolves around just a few yellow pieces.

  • 23 |
One of the main yellow pieces is a low sideboard. Large white storage units fill a long wall at its side.

  • 24 |
The yellow volumes are used to create a visual flow through the space.

  • 25 |
Floor plan.

  • 26 |
  • Visualizer: Design Lviv
Our last tour takes place in a remodelled minimalist space, which features metal, concrete, and wood textures. The space was opened up and glass walls were installed, so that the apartment is perceived as one whole undivided living area, where zones have no solid boundaries. A yellow modern sofa boldly marks this area as the lounge. Grey scatter cushions tie in with concrete surroundings.

  • 27 |
By the window, a contemporary swing chair design is suspended like a birds’ perch – a modern minimalist alternative to the timeless rocking chair.

  • 28 |
The blank white living room wall provides a smooth screening area for a projected movie.

  • 29 |
A white kitchen diner peeps out from behind a concrete support column.

  • 30 |
Unusual modern dining pendants visually anchor the eating area in its spot. A yellow dining bench adds a unique element to the white set.

  • 31 |
An intriguing yellow object protrudes from the far side of the apartment, behind a glass dividing wall.

  • 32 |
A white side table serves the yellow sofa.

  • 33 |
White dining chairs face toward the window view. The low dining bench on the other side of the table allows the view to remain unobstructed when not in use by extra diners.

  • 34 |
Bleached wood kitchen units match the tone of the floor planks.

  • 35 |
Stainless steel accents add shine to the kitchen.

  • 36 |
The glass wall slides open to provide access to the side room.

  • 37 |
The mysterious yellow object we observed from the dining room is revealed to be a floating workspace.

  • 39 |
White curtains offer privacy around a glass wall bedroom.

  • 40 |
A bathtub stands beside the white bed in the relaxing scheme.

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