Small Interiors With Red, Pink And Blue Accents

Small Interiors With Red, Pink And Blue Accents

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Colourful red, pink and blue accents push a vibrant energy through these three small home interiors, all designed by Room Design Buro. Despite extremely compact proportions, these homes are clearly sectioned by the contrasting shades that cover the furniture, accessorise the spaces, and feature in interesting works of modern art for the home. We also find three intriguing small bedroom design ideas that make the most of a limited floor area or studio apartment space, as well as inspiration for bespoke storage solutions. Each tiny home has its own individual character and special features of note, which goes to show you don’t have to live in a mansion to make your home your castle.

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  • Photographer: Polina Poludkina
All three homes on our list are based in Moscow, Russian Federation. Our first small flat features a striking pink storage unit that serves as a space saving window seat.

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A blue modern sofa runs directly off the side of the window seat/reading nook, the colours make an explosive colour clash.

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The built-in window bench also doubles as an extra seat at the small dining table, opposite a single blue dining chair. A short white floor lamp illuminates the round dining table.

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A back and white zebra print cushion throws a quirky accent onto the blue sofa. A pink scatter cushion offers added comfort on the pink bench.

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The modern sofa is more of a chaise lounge–laying open at one end. This open design allows the tiny lounge area to flow easily into the adjoined kitchen, without appearing too bulky or obstructive in the limited living space.

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Black decor accents match with the heavy black window frames.

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Raw walls and exposed electrical wiring evoke a cool industrial vibe inside the colourful apartment design.

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Book collections casually fill the storage niches of the pink window bench.

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The kitchen cabinets begin to stack less than a metre from the end of the sofa. The unit doors are made of raw light timber to keep the room feeling bright and open.

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An indoor plant adds a little life in front of the grey cityscape.

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A piece of modern art is propped haphazardly against one wall beside the sofa. All of the colours in the room come together on its canvas.

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The small kitchen installation stands as one tight volume, and tones sympathetically with the shade of the wood flooring.

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Surface mount white spotlights shine down from a fresh white ceiling.

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The raw finish and simple hardware on the kitchen adds to the industrial vibe of the interior.

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Coral pink accents colour a small bedroom.

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Our next small apartment in Moscow spans 32 square metres. A mid century modern chair stands on a red, pink and blue rug, in a sophisticated scene laced with curved lines. A black floor lamp echoes the shape theme, in front of a large red and white painting.

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A curved screen wraps a bed at one side of the living room in the studio apartment, partially obscuring the sleep space from view.

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Beyond the curvaceous bed screen we find a hidden headboard, with a red lamp attached to read by. A neat bookshelf is mounted to the wall by the foot of the bed.

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A bushy indoor plant and a mature cactus bring emerald tones into the home, which contrast beautifully with the hot red and pink accessories. An exaggerated window frame forms the main feature of the living space, and provides a wide shelf.

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The studio is entered via the kitchen, which sits on a slightly lower level than the lounge and bedroom. Three steps give rise to the transition.

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The line of the kitchen runs on into the raised sitting area, where the cabinets become general storage cupboards and a closet.

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A striking red accent bathroom is hidden inside the home.

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Bright red fixtures dot a monochrome and wood background.

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Well placed red tiles pick out a niche in the shower enclosure.

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Our last small Russian abode has an area of 45 square metres.

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Predominantly wood tone on white, it gains added interest from a vivid blue sofa. It’s also warmed through with a subtle scattering of red elements, like this berry filled decorative vase and an attention seeking coffee table book.

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A dividing wall between the lounge and the bedroom is utilised to mount the TV on, leaving the floor space clear and open.

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Inside the bedroom there is also a home workspace/hobby desk, which is peppered with Star Wars home decor items to show the personality and interests of the homeowner.

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Raw timber shelves run into a matching desk with drawers. Two Ikea Frosta stools sit at the work and hobby area.

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Indoor plants give the stark interior a friendly appeal.

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Back out in the living room, glass dining pendant lights visually anchor a dining spot in the small open plan living room, whist avoiding a heavy or cluttered appearance.

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The wood dining stools match the stools seated at the desk in the bedroom.

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A storage headboard runs straight into the bookshelves at the side of the desk, giving the compact room a smooth flow.

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Leather strap handles give wardrobes a casual yet stylish final flourish. A Lenin bust serves as a paperweight on the bedside.

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The small home holds a laundry room-bathroom combo.

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