A Weekend House With Spectacular Sea Views In Chile

A Weekend House With Spectacular Sea Views In Chile

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A weekend ‘shelter’ is all the clients asked, and this unique 185 square metre home design became their answer. Located on the coastline of Navidad, Chile, this weekend getaway has a highly privileged spot. Views over the blue pacific ocean sweep out to the west, and cliff views grow around the north, east and south orientations. Local wood and labour built the house with a visible skeleton for glass walls, following plans created by WMR Arquitectos. Buildings have never existed on this 10 kilometre long, 200 metre high coastline of cliffs, where access to the beach is made via difficult paths that take a long time to walk. The journey to something great is not often easy.

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The local people have always harvested Chilean seaweed–or “cochayuyo”–and seafood in this area of Navidad, Chile. The weekend homeowners, a German-Chilean couple come here to escape. It is a sacred spot to them, where they are able to enjoy the outside of their bolthole just as much as the inside, on terraces designed to take advantage of the sun at any given time of day.

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The flat exposed roof terrace is baked in sunshine the whole day long.

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Wooden steps lead up to the roof of the house, a gangway crosses from the cliffside to the eaves.

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On the rooftop the homeowners have the views of a bird, soaring above the sunlit ocean, gliding with the hazy horizon.

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To the south orientation there is a type of wooden jacuzzi, a ‘cuba’, in which the water is heated by fire. The jacuzzi area is connected to a guest house via a ramp.

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The house was built in wooden modules measuring 3.2 x 3.2 meters, to form a skeleton of beams and columns that would remain visible in the final result. The entire frame is treated and stained black with carbolineum.

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Solid wood colours aspects of the house dark brown, though the majority of the home is a clear glass case.

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The house in its entirety measures 6 x 12 metres.

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Terraces to the north, west, and south sides are sheltered by 2 x 6 inch slats, spaced 2 inches apart. The slats bring texture to the outdoor spaces, creating shadows as the sun moves around through the day.

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Outdoor chaise lounge chairs are placed up and down the wooden terraces to offer multiple relaxation spots to suit the time of day. The outdoor lounge areas place the family either in each others company, or in a moment of peaceful reflective solitude.

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This is a living room with a spectacular view. The blue Pacific Ocean becomes stunning lounge decor, striping behind a log burning fire. The chrome chimney is matched by a chrome arc floor lamp, which curves gently over a rounded sofa design. Pebble-like lounge furniture plays with the beach theme brought upon the room by its magnificent view. The mid century modern coffee table between the soft tan settee and stool is a Noguchi Style Table. Original available here.

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The living room, dining room and kitchen connect with two bedrooms located at either end of the building. The shared area builds a flexible day space with increased views, sunlight, and airflow. At night, large doors are pulled closed for privacy. An L-shaped kitchen runs around a wooden island, where the cooking stove is located so the cook can admire the ocean panorama whilst tending to dinner. Decorative black framework installed upon the top of the upper kitchen cabinets is an ode to the architecture of the unique house. Orange accent panels bring moments of colour to the backs of shelving cubbies in the kitchen. An orange table lamp contrasts against the blue views at the window, and orange accented artwork colours the plain white walls of the room.

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Whether inside or out, views of the cliffs roll around. Glass walls draw back to connect the inner spaces with the outer decks, so that life can flow fluidly without boundaries. Coastline breezes blow gently through the bedrooms and connective living space, bringing the beach into every corner. The bedrooms, like the living room, are worked with white walls and ceilings, with floors made of wood. A wooden bed stands in the centre of the bedroom layout, positioned to bask in the sun and seascape at the windows. The central position of the bed also allows a row of closets to be installed along the one and only solid wall of the bedroom. The wardrobes are simple and white to blend with their understated backdrop.

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A pure white quilt dresses the rustic wooden bedstead. A chunky headboard negates the need for bedside tables, as it serves as a handy shelf for books or a bedtime glass of water. Although the scale of the bedroom is modest, the surrounding deck makes the floor area feel much larger than its actual dimensions.

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An outdoor dining area looks down the cliffside.

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Winding steps lead to the beach far below.

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All construction was considered in a simple way, reduced to basic form, and only local wood and labor were employed.

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The little wood and glass box perches like a beacon on the cliff top at night.

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Floor plan, showing the ensuite bathrooms located behind the closet wall of each bedroom.

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Roof terrace plan.

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South elevation.

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West elevation.

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North elevation.

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East elevation.

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