Conjuring A Restful Spirit With Luxury Decor

Conjuring A Restful Spirit With Luxury Decor

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Tonal wood and huge expanses of marble pattern this stunning grey, white and copper coloured luxury apartment interior in Moscow, visualised by Iqosa. Room dimensions here are large, but abundant and plush decor elements achieve a cosy and intimate ambiance. At every turn, the eye discovers high-end snug sophistication, in the shape of cushy designer lounge furniture, sprawling velvety area rugs, and big beautiful bedrooms. Ambient lighting is a star character in the design story of this home, with soft glow around wall art, sleek shelving arrangements, and from the inside of a hidden kitchen design. The lighting accentuates the many textures of the home, and conjures a restful spirit.

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The luxury living room is a huge and impressive space, filled with so many plush design elements that the eye does not know where to rest. A ceiling recess has been filled in with warm wood grain to encapsule the large space with a cosy cocooned feeling. Ambient lighting around wall art, shelves and a wall mounted TV add to the snug effect.

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A cushiony sofa marks out an L-shaped border around the lounge area, with a set of nesting coffee tables inside its elbow. An end table provides another landing spot at one end of the elongated two-tone modular sofa.

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Coppery scatter cushions dot the back of the sofa, and a modern lounge chair. A plush grey area rug spreads out beneath the seating arrangement to provide toe-wiggling comfort. Behind the lounge there is an open plan kitchen with a dining island, where soft lighting emits from inside huge cabinets along the back wall of the room.

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SIx dining chairs line up along the dining peninsula of the kitchen island, with three of them facing toward the TV screen in the living room–perfect for entertainment at solo snack times.

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The large cabinets along the back of the luxury dining kitchen open up to display shelving installations, a sink area, and a bank of electrical appliances…

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… When access to these elements is no longer required, the tall cabinet doors close to fully conceal the business part of the kitchen, leaving only the central dining island out on display.

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The hob is located on the kitchen island, which allows cooking to remain a theatrical part of a dinner party even when the most part of the kitchen functionality is shut away behind closed doors.

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Each section of the kitchen can be opened up in their individuality. LED lights glow from within the revealed sections, accentuating textured walls.

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Three impressive pendant lights each spread triple blades of light along the island.

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A deep countertop weighs heavy on the kitchen island, struck through with dramatic veins of light grey, deep charcoal and white.

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Double doors are clear glazed to reveal a remarkable wine store at one side of the kitchen.

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Another circular accent makes an appearance as art over the bedroom fireplace, lit with a halo of light around its edge.

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A copper coloured bedspread is tucked into the upholstered platform bed. A round bedside table overlaps the wider side of the bed’s asymmetric design.

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Plum fabric richly colours two bedroom accent chairs by the modern marble fireplace.

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Louvre doors separate the master bedroom from its ensuite bathroom. Luxury marble tiles are arranged in a vertical formation around a modern freestanding tub and low hanging contemporary bathroom pendant lights.

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The bath taps hide inside a minimalistic strip along the tiled bathroom wall.

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On the opposite side of the luxury bathroom, a double sink vanity unit is faced in more gorgeous grey and white marble effect.

  • 19 |
A rainfall shower is tucked up inside the ceiling, poised to thunder down over marble floor tiles. The shower rinser head is mounted in a strip that matches with the sleek design of the bath taps.

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The second bedroom on the tour is home to a double floor bed, dressed in shades of grey. Towering bifold doors draw back to reveal well equipped closet spaces, which include fitted chests of drawers and accessory shelves.

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Bedroom pendant lights float down from the ceiling like three giant white petals.

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Ribbed wall texture brings varying shades of grey into the scheme.

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A deep copper planter holds a huge cactus in a transitional space between the sleeping area and an ensuite glass wall bathroom.

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There is a home workspace by the bedroom window to make the most of the natural light. The slimline minimalist desk has a glass worktop and support leg that allow daylight to pass into the rest of the room without obstruction.

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A square grey toilet complements a blocky grey marble vanity unit in the ensuite.

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Grey and white veined marble brings pattern to the entire bathroom. A backlit mirror illuminates a lighter, whiter marble slab wall behind the wash area.

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The home entryway is a contrast of cool grey concrete and warm wood grain planks. The timber crosses the wall around the entry door, and the door itself, in horizontal stripes. A copper shelf crosses the surface of a huge hallway mirror, bringing in another warm accent tone, and a copper side table overlaps the end of a tan ottoman.

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