Stylish Homes With A Penchant For Pink Monochrome

Stylish Homes With A Penchant For Pink  Monochrome

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Pink and monochrome decor is featuring far and wide on the interior design scene. If you fancy yourself a slice of the sweet accented action then take a meander through this set of three inspirational home tours. You’ll find plenty of inspiration for stylish pink living rooms, a bespoke pink workspace with colour coordinated desk and shelving, pink and monochrome bedrooms, pink and terrazzo bathrooms, and lots of beautiful pink furniture ideas. Whether you’re contemplating a pink and monochrome studio apartment makeover like tour number one, an airy open plan like home number two, or a more luxe layout like home tour number three, we’ve got you covered.

  • 1 |
  • Designer: Liana Nikitina
Our first tour takes us to a home located in Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia. The small living room is overtaken by sugary pink furniture and accessories, and one particularly dominating pink workspace. The work area fills one whole wall of the living room with a bespoke pink shelving unit and a coordinated pink desk.

  • 2 |
The pink desk doubles as a vanity area too, with a round vanity mirror mounted at one end of it.

  • 3 |
A round pink area rug softens the terrazzo floor of the lounge area, tucking snugly under one edge of the modern sofa.

  • 6 |
The home workspace is one cohesive piece of office furniture, which makes it feel like a room within a room.

  • 7 |
An elegant glass vase of soft pampas grass by the vanity mirror helps to separate the desktop into two distinct zones.

  • 8 |
A pink and wood desk chair can be easily maneuvered between the two task areas.

  • 11 |
The incredibly small kitchen is made up of just three pink base cabinets, a kitchen sink and a two ring electric cooking hob. A charming grey wall light extends over the tiny amount of work surface.

  • 12 |
A decorative vase holds a little natural flourish by an attractive wood grain wall panel at one side of the kitchen run.

  • 13 |
The bedroom is located directly behind the living room sofa, accessible via two terrazzo steps. White portiere pull closed around the floor bed for privacy–and to keep the living room looking tidy when the bed is not!

  • 16 |
There is a tall window between the bedroom and the bathroom, which looks directly into the shower enclosure.

  • 17 |
The window allows borrowed light into the bathroom via the living room.

  • 19 |
  • Visualizer: Valery Yudin
This larger open plan home comes alive with pastel room decor, which is intermingled with soft grey elements and stark black and white combos.

  • 21 |
An L-shaped kitchen balances out the other half of the living room layout. Pale pink wall cabinets, matching backsplash, and a tower of pink shelving colour the arrangement. White base cabinets and white oven housing are trimmed with a black plinth to sharpen the look.

  • 22 |
The modern staircase design is encased in solid wood effect sides, which causes an angular architectural appearance.

  • 24 |
Pink drapes lightly dress a panoramic window.

  • 25 |
Space below the wooden staircase has been utilised for a large amount of storage. Light wood effect cupboard doors tone gently with the pink home accents.

  • 26 |
  • Visualizer: ONTO Design Studio
This 115 square metre home in Istanbul has a distinctly upmarket appeal, with many luxe finishing touches.

  • 27 |
The modern chandelier over the lounge area is a stunning design with a crisp monochrome aesthetic.

  • 28 |
The TV wall in the living room is painted pink, which brings a delicate warmth to the grey and white lounge colour scheme.

  • 29 |
The pink accent transcends the adjacent dining area. The dining room chandelier sports a similar striking monochrome presence to the lounge one, though with different styling. Eye-catching dining chairs vie for attention in the feature packed room.

  • 30 |
Moving on into the bedroom, we find a modern pink ottoman at the foot of a platform bed. Up on the ceiling, golden spotlights complement the warmth of the decor palette.

  • 31 |
More golden accents gleam around a globe pendant light over the bed. A unique headboard feature wall adds colour, depth and pattern.

  • 32 |
Gold frames trim semi-translucent panels on the face of two-tone wardrobes.

  • 33 |
A small marble side table by the bed stands on rose gold legs.

  • 34 |
A warming tint wraps around the room’s perimeter, falling beneath luxurious marbled panels on the bedroom TV wall.

  • 35 |
Inside the bathroom, a pink lined shower enclosure and a sea of terrazzo compete for top billing.

  • 36 |
A terrazzo pedestal sink rises out of the terrazzo tile floor, as though one continuous speckled volume.

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