The Simplistic Luxury Of Spanish Minimalism

The Simplistic Luxury Of Spanish Minimalism

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A huge leap from the farmhouse settlements of the Ribera Alta’s Muslim Iberian era, this ultra modern Spanish house design is crisp, linear and minimal. The contemporary population centers have become connected to the big city, and they harbour an aspirational quality of life. Fran Silvestre Arquitectos have achieved simplistic luxury with incredible finesse, despite the limitations of the narrow plot. The house is a clean white volume that interacts with a slim pool terrace and long lawned garden. Interiors are sleek and understated, whispering of luxury and the high life.

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Deep cut windows interrupt the smooth concrete modern exterior, making recesses for a second story window and balcony. Massive boundary walls slice into the Medditerannean sky like great white sails.

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The boundary wall is also a supporting wall of the house. The upper volume of the build has the illusion of teetering on one thin ground floor column, as the other glass walls fade away to reveal portions of the home’s interior spaces.

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On the opposite side of the lawn and some outdoor chaise lounge chairs, the bankruptcies of the plot have been neatly consumed as a gym and storage area. Unembellished doors downplay the added amenities.

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The edge of the swimming pool pulls level with the patio. A platform is raised just below the water’s surface as a place to cool down without committing to a dip.

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The lower portion of the house is a glowing lightbox at dusk, with bright exterior lighting stretched beneath the cantilevered second story.

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The gymnasium and storage block regulates the outline of the manicured lawn, setting it streamlined with the pool and main house.

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A single tree makes a majestic visual stop at the end of the corridor-like garden.

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The formal dining room awaits just inside of vast retractable glass doors.

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With patio doors fully opened, the outdoor sitting area and dining room connect as one fluid living space.

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The entire ground floor is a continuum with the garden and swimming pool in full appreciation of the favorable climate.

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A glass balcony balustrade at the back of the house opens up a satisfying view of the pool design.

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A niche has been set into the boundary wall of the property in order to elongate and complement the balcony cutaway.

  • 14 |
Windows along the upper floor are bedded solidly within deep recesses to maintain privacy.

  • 15 |
The window openings appear abstract in the art of the minimalist architecture.

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Outdoor chairs skim the patio in low profile, flattering the stretched nature of the home and landscape.

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A minimalist living room extends through the centre of the ground floor. It’s modern grey sofa disrupts the all white space, along with a black coffee table design. The seating is positioned to direct gaze onto the green garden.

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The pure white kitchen installation is offset by stark black bar stools. Cool blue pool water sparkles beyond floor to ceiling glass doors at the back of the room.

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Kitchen bar stools stand on both sides of the white island to fashion a social breakfasting spot.

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A chunky modern staircase design climbs behind a storage volume off the living room.

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The storage wall by the staircase is accessible from the top floor too. Plentiful cabinets help maintain the clean minimalist aesthetic.

  • 23 |
A flush fitted ceiling strip light burns along the landing, reflecting upon gloss white floor tiles.

  • 24 |
Inside the bedroom, a unique bed design has drawers in the back of the headboard. The drawers serve a dressing area behind the centrally positioned bed.

  • 26 |
A closet island fills the floor space next to a huge bank of wardrobes, and links with an ensuite bathroom.

  • 27 |
A second bathroom serves the remaining two double bedrooms in the house. It’s fitted with a double sink bathroom vanity and a shower that matches the scale of the master.

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The home office is equipped with a double workspace and stacks of storage to tuck away the obligatory supplies and files.

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Lighting is restricted to the edges of the ceiling only to maintain the simplicity of the room scheme.

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Whilst not identical, the interior floor tiles vibe with their equally pale and similarly sized outdoor counterparts. Floor uniformity promotes easy flow between the living room and garden.

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Reflective white finishes keep the interior looking bright and feeling cool.

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Light strips are a common theme throughout the whole interior, consistently edging a white on white aesthetic.

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A grey lounge chair and black side table float in a wide open white room.

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The encased balcony at the back of the house receives and delivers natural light to its connecting room through an open roof.

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The fenestration highlights the linearity of the project.

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Inspired by the Alejandro de la Sota façade in Tarragona, and the work of Aires Mateus, the home exterior features a point of coincidence between the garage overhang and an upstairs window.

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The facade elevates in line with the urban front.

  • 38 |
The project links with the big city whilst remaining connected to the territory and its culture.

  • 39 |
Ground floor plan, plus outdoor storage facility and gymnasium.

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First floor plan, which plots out three double bedrooms. Two face onto the lawn whilst the master bedroom is situated toward pool views.

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