Cool Neutral Interiors With Distinctive Statement Furniture

Cool Neutral Interiors With Distinctive Statement Furniture

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Cool grey, white and pale wood unite modern minimalist spaces in these two fresh home tours. Distinctive furniture causes visual pit stops amid the smooth neutral tones and soft plant accents. With pieces so unusual, it is fitting for the decor to play second fiddle and not noisily compete. Lines are crisp, but ribbed finishes bring added visual interest so that the pale palette does not fall flat. There is a little more colour at play in home number two, giving it just a touch of higher energy to suit its young family of homeowners. However, this is a super sophisticated family abode for a minimalist mindset and discerning taste.

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  • Visualizer: Olovo
The first of our two home tours is a stylish 85 square metre apartment in Moscow. Just a whisper of palest grey shades a predominantly white living room, where mini palms explode blasts of dark greenery. See more inspirational homes under 90 square meters here.

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A curved tufted sofa is the pièce de résistance of the room. Textured upholstery adds to its unique nature in a shade of grey that sits sympathetically with the rustic stone floor. A mirrored side table reflects the pattern of the stone in its glass.

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A reuleaux triangle coffee table satisfyingly echoes the curved couch front.

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Huge concrete planters vibe with the concrete wall decor.

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A glass vase rests on top of a unique crescent shaped table, which smoothly rounds out one corner of the kitchen.

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The home entryway is home to another unusual table, this time with an undulating surface. A huge decorative mirror stands at the opposite side of the door, along with a unique dressing stool.

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Black and white modern art makes up a monochrome gallery wall by the TV.

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The white media unit also doubles as a floating hearth for a modern fireplace. A clear glass fireplace screen encases the flickering flames at one end, whilst an unusual white TV set rests at the other.

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The cantilevered countertop of a unique kitchen island becomes a dining table. Three linear suspension lights fan out over the eating area, whilst a box light illuminates the cooking hob at the other end.

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The modern dining chairs are the Hans Wegner CH20 Elbow Chair. The wood tone of the chairs perfectly complements biscuit colour tiles across the kitchen backsplash, uniting the two areas with a common palette.

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A set of glass vases make a centrepiece on the kitchen dining table, delicately supporting a blossomed branch.

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The cooking volume of the island is faced in a tactile ribbed finish. Its mass is perfectly mirrored by the extractor light unit installed above it.

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Moving into the bedroom, the ribbed motif featured on the dining island design is now stretched across the waves of a billowing headboard concept. Light from the window exaggerates the piece’s rises and falls.

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A horseshoe bedside table fits in with the curved theme of the headboard design; a linear radiator plays along with the ribbed effect of its finish.

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The same grey stone floor as featured in the living room travels all the way through into the bedroom. The rugged floor makes deep textured contrast to the slick white bedroom furniture.

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A glass ensuite shower room makes a luxurious addition.

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A carved bathroom stool makes a warming accent in the pale suite.

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The toilet is made private by a partition wall.

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Floor plan.

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  • Visualizer: Lulu Lee
A turquoise tint pools in the centre of an expansive living room rug in our second home interior. The rest of the room is a whte expanse sliced with black accents and raw timber moments. A Flos Arco floor lamp bows in with a flash of chrome.

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The modern sofa is a totally unique corner concept that combines a curvaceous backrest with an angular geometric base.

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Different flooring has been employed to differentiate the zones of the apartment.

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An indoor balcony/meditation space is floored in wood plank to give it an outdoor decked effect. Planters bring the garden inside. A large terrarium keeps the cat from climbing the tree–maybe some stylish cat furniture would take kitty’s mind off it!

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Turquoise table legs squeeze some colour into the scheme, tying the palette of the room with the neighbouring lounge.

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Clear bedroom pendant lights drop elegantly by the bedside. A round wall mirror balances out the other side.

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The kids’ room is alive with bright yellow and blue accents across a set of bespoke wardrobes, fun lighting, and a colourful kid’s chair.

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Back out in the hall all is calm silver grey again. Early Days artwork by James Nares swirls over a modern console table.

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