Stacked Luxury Home Design On Cape Towns Atlantic Seaboard

Stacked Luxury Home Design On Cape Towns Atlantic Seaboard

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Set in the scenic beauty of Clifton, on Cape Town’s Atlantic Seaboard, this 789 square metre home occupies a position on the hill side. Higher situated residences climb to the right, and lower lying houses to the left, in a neighbourhood shaped by fortress-like boundary walls and building mass. Malan Vorster Architects decided to ring the changes, and placed focus on making this house contribute to the streetscape, a place frequented by joggers, walkers and tourists. Rather than being bound by blank perimeter walls, the design places landscaping level with the sidewalk. Planted gabion walls disguise a large garage, and screen utilities. Components have been organically stacked to break up the building mass.

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  • Photographer: Adam Letch
Indoor-outdoor living spaces connect across a large landscaped courtyard.

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Seascape panorama and wide views to the north are enjoyed from a comfortable patio, manicured lawn, and projected pool design.

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Roof overhangs minimise unwanted solar heat gain, along with considered glazing specifications and automated drop-down screens over glass façades.

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The natural materials and Corten steel elements will gradually change in colour and texture, expressing the passing of time.

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Board-marked concrete builds a brutalist exterior, whilst local stone and untreated cedar wood bring a natural element to the design.

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Oak planks and terrazzo floors collide with muted upholstery to fashion a chic neutral interior.

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Glass doors retract to adjoin the indoor and outdoor living spaces. Tall grasses feather the stepped transition.

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A number of eating areas are dotted throughout the impressively sized home, but the largest dining set is situated out on the covered patio. Ten chairs surround a long dining table that has a privileged view of the ocean.

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All the way at the opposite end of the second level there is an attractive kitchen with a dining island, pantry, and scullery. The kitchen doors open out onto stepping stones that cross the pretty little pond on the property.

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The pond is situated in its own private vegetable and herb garden, separated from the larger lawn by the protruding wing of the house. Fountains pour and bubble into the body of water, creating a relaxing soundtrack.

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The kitchen is stacked with attractive storage options, from regular cabinets and open shelves to spice drawers and display nooks.

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A gold faucet shines richly against the black countertop of the kitchen island.

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Wine storage is taken care of elsewhere in the property, in a wine cellar down on Level 1.

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The cellar stands just at the bottom of the staircase that leads off the kitchen. A story-high mechanical sash window opens the double height atrium to the herb garden and pond, adding natural cooling during the hottest months.

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The staircase design is open and light, free of risers to allow the natural daylight and garden view to penetrate from the vast window at its side.

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Thin metal balustrades strike through its sculptural rise.

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An attractive landing bridges the stairwell.

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Cross-ventilation cools the upper volumes.

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To minimise energy consumption, solar panels are linked to the centralized system for domestic water heating, plus waterborne under-floor and pool heating.

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The bathroom is fitted with a luxuriously large walk-in shower enclosure and a long double sink bathroom vanity. Natural timber elements bring great warmth to crisp white bathroom decor, whilst heavy black window frames add a bold edge.

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A sleek bathtub fits precisely in the window. Bathrooms situated either end of the main volume are expressed as glazed and cedar shuttered boxes, which become lit like lanterns at night.

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Gabion walls elevate the living spaces above the garage. The elevation above road level is essential to maximize view potential on the other side of the property, but the gabion has been planted so that it will become overgrown to soften the streetscape for passers-by in time.

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The main residence is broken into three concrete building blocks. Thin floor slabs visually separate the structural elements, and in being cantilevered over negative space below they exaggerate the stacked aesthetic. The guest flatlet on the first floor has a cedar wood shuttered wall to provide privacy from the road whilst remaining connected to the view.

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Level 0 floor plan with driveway, garage, workshop and lift lobby.

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Level 1 floor plan, featuring self contained flatlet that comes complete with master bedroom, bathroom, and open living room with a kitchen diner. The first floor is also home to the wine cellar, a laundry, storage areas, and a heat pump plant room.

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Level 2 floor plan, illustrating the main living area, the extensive patio with outdoor dining and lounge, landscaped gardens, L-shaped infinity swimming pool, plus the vegetable and herb garden with pond.

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Level 3 floor plan with master suite, guest room, private lounge and study. The master bedroom and ensuite bathroom open out onto a large terrace.

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Level 4 roof plan.

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West elevation.

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South elevation.

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North elevation.

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Longitudinal section. The garage and guest flatlet on the lower two levels engage deeply with the hillside. The upper two levels that house the living space and main bedrooms perch up on the hilltop.

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